Choosing the right contractor is one of the most important things when preparing for a project.  When Iím ready to start a job, regardless of being small or big, I always follow these simple rules:

1) Prepare all the plans and permits required by the city, health department, fire department, etc.

2) Identify and separate each scope of work by contractor trade.

3) Review and prepare a scope of work specifications for each trade. Make sure to review all the details to ensure and note them in you request for proposal.

4) Get (3) bids for each trade. Look for your local contractor; review them by comparing them in the better business bureau or your local chamber of commerce, and check contractor license record.

5) Make sure to ask the contractors to separate their quotes for each different scope for example: drywall and FRP. Paint and stain. Tile installation vs. material cost.

6) After getting all quotes and reviewing the prices, make sure to have a last meeting with the chosen contractor to clarify all details.

You can download this spread sheet to help you separate the bids.

Choosing the Right Contractor