Learn how to solder a copper pipe by following these simple steps:

1. Clean your pipe and your fittings well using a steel brush and sand paper
2. Use soldering flux around the pipe and the fitting.
3. use the appropiate mopp gas to heat up the fitting.  only heat it up until it looks redish; do not heat until it looks blue!  that is overheated.

4. Once is heated, use the solder wire around the fitting. do not apply the flames to the wire or the copper pipe.
5. once the solder sire starts to melt, you will see it sucking up into the fittings. That's why you only what to heat up the fitting and not the pipe.
6. visually inspect the solder.
7. while is hot, clean the joint by applying some flux around the area and quickly clean it with a wet rag.
8. you can use a spray with water to cool down the fitting.

How to Solder a Copper Pipe

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