After you have excavated your footing, you need to layout the rebar or reinforcing steel in the footing.

Our recommended steps:

1.  Layout the bars before you tie them together.
2.  Install the lower mat first.  Then raise the steel mats 3" of the ground with dobies.
3.  Install the upper mats or vertical dowels.
4.  Install all your embeds such as j-bolts, rods and vertical dowels.


1.  Make sure that you follow the structural drawings for placement and overlap. 
2.  All steel must be at least 3" away from the soil.  Make sure they are not touching.
3.  Do not use dobies or shims made out of wood.  Use concrete or masonry dobies, or even bricks will work.
4.  Don't forget to keep checking our site!

How to Place Rebar

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