Learn how to glue PVC piping on this easy how to video. PVC pipes are a really easy way to pipe your irrigation lines, or landscape water lines.  PVC is used in construction because it is more effective than traditional materials such as copper, iron or wood in pipe and profile applications.

How to glue the pipes:

1. Lay out the pipes first.  try to use  the "bell" or factory edges as much as possible. 

2. Cut the pipes to the lenght you need.  Remember to take advantage of the factory edges.   

3. Clean the edge of the pipe using a clean rag, and then apply primer to both pipe and fittings.

4. Apply glue to both pipe and fitting rapidly after using the primer.

5. Connect both fittings.  install them 1/2 turn from the position you wish to install them.  once you have connected them,      twist them to the position you wan.

6. hold the pipes togueter for about  1 minute before you release them. this is so they do not "push themselves out."

twisting the pipes is also so the glue spreads evenly inside of the pipe thus avoiding unnecesary leak in your joints.

If you have any problems or questions regarding layout. dont forget to ask me here and i will make a video for you.

How to Glue PVC Pipe for Sprinkler Piping

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