Step by step tutorial explaining the different types of roofing.  There are different types of roofs used in construction.  Some of these roofs are:

Flat Roofs or type "A" roofing
This type of roofs have  very little slope (below 1%) and typically required two drains called primary and secondary. these assemblies are very common in commercial buildings, as they can be used as mechanical wells. Roof equipment can be placed and concealed with parapet walls.

Hip Roof
This is a very typical type of roof assembly used in squared layout buildings such as modular buildings, detached garages, and large sheds. These are very easy to build, and offer an economical roof solution; as there is very little much need for special flashing, or multiple cuts.

Gable Roof
This roof assembly is used more commonly on homes. Due to the roofs elegant look and nice finish.

Gable & Valley Roof
This combination roof is commonly used in homes which layouts are not square.  Valleys or Gable's are a very convenient way to change the layout of a roof.

Shed Roofs
This roof system, is limited to only one side slope, thus is more commonly used in attached sheds, or patio covers.

Structure Roof Types

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