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Welcome to  this site is dedicated to expanding your knowledge in the construction industry by providing video tutorials, information, blogs, relevant links, calculators, apps and all items related to construction.  We are the people in the trade.  I have worked in construction for several years and have had the pleasure of  working among  very  experienced people in the construction trade who started their careers by learning in the field. 

We wanted to share their  knowledge with everyone and especially with the new generation of builders who wish to learn and advance their careers in this rather complicated industry.   Although there are many schools that teach the trade one by one, this site is rather casual, and shows you the trade from the tradesman perspective. It allows you to see how we do it and why we did it that way we did it. In other words, learn the trade from the real people out there doing the work! Thatís why we say, "letís  learn, share & expand".  

If you wish to request a video, submit a video, ask a question or just say hi, please contact us here.
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How do you pass a building inspection?

Although there are many different types of inspections, you can rest asure there is one rule that will help you pass them, and that is "be prepared". we have created special check lists that can help  you understand what is required in a usual building inspection. to learn more click here